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Supported Learning students from Lewisham College, who are part of a program designed to provide additional support and resources to students with special educational needs, showcased their potential during an inspiring visit to BMC Radio. The visit was a hands-on learning experience that equipped the students with practical skills and boosted their confidence in the broadcasting and media production industry.

The visit to BMC Radio was a hands-on learning experience designed to help the students build on their confidence and gain practical skills in the creative industry. While at BMC Radio, the students had the privilege of meeting and interviewing the radio manager, Larry Powell, who, in collaboration with Lewisham College teacher Lorenzo Torre, provided the students with an authentic experience in broadcasting and media production. Their guidance and expertise were instrumental in the student's learning journey.

During their visit, they participated in various activities, from scriptwriting to on-air presentations and interviewing. These hands-on experiences gave them a comprehensive understanding of what is required to run a live radio show. They equipped them with practical skills such as presentation, communication and resilience. These skills are highly transferable to the workplace, enhancing their employability.

A notable highlight of the day was when the students interviewed Larry Powell on how the music industry could be more inclusive, such as how music jobs could be more accessible to people with special education needs. He said: "It was impressive to see the students work at the station today and how confidently they presented the show. This sector needs to get more involved with initiatives to allow Supported Learning students to enter the creative industry. It was great to have them both at BMC Radio station."

This part of the show was particularly enriching as it helped our students develop interviewing skills, gain a deeper understanding of the music industry and learnt tips on to create professional podcasts and radio shows, which will help them achieve their career goals of becoming radio hosts and TV presenters. 

Jamie Stevenson, Principal at Lewisham College, said: “Lewisham College, a steadfast advocate of inclusive and supportive education, reaffirms its commitment through initiatives like the visit to BMC Radio. This commitment ensures that all our students, regardless of their learning needs, have access to quality education and the opportunity to thrive. We take immense pride in our Supported Learning students who demonstrated their motivation and commitment during the live show preparation and the interview with the radio's manager.”

Lorenzo Torre, Job Coach at Lewisham College, organised the visit and was impressed by the students' performance. He said: "I am extremely proud of our Supported Learning students for their commitment to preparing the live show at BMC Radio. I was amazed by the excellent work they delivered today."

The visit concluded with a lively discussion in the show, during which students shared their experiences and reflections on the day and the positive impact of the visit. Their enthusiasm and confidence were visible, leaving no doubt about the empowerment and inspiration they felt. They left the show feeling inspired and better equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue their goals.

For more information about Supported Learning programmes at Lewisham College, please visit lewisham.ac.uk/supported-learning.

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