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It is not too late to apply for a full-time course stating this term. Please come into the College as soon as possible for further advice and to secure a place as some course have limited space.

Lewisham College has new opportunities for everyone, no matter what age you are, even if you have previously started at another College and decided it is not for you. This includes 16-18 courses and new programmes for 18 and 19 year old students wishing to expand their skills in Construction, IT or Health & Social Care with FREE Level 2 and Level 3 courses enrolling now even if you have previously studied at this or a higher level. We are also now taking enrolments for Adult ESOL programmes starting in November 2020

Everyone wishing to study at Lewisham College this year should complete our short application form  or drop in to the college to enrol. Enrolment will confirm your place on a course, the level of course you should take, any fees you might be asked to pay and start date for your course, along with any other information you need to know. This is also where you will receive your learner agreement and Student ID card.

If you are applying for ESOL, English or Maths courses you may be invited back for an interview and assessment depending on the availability of the teachers.  At this appointment you will complete your paperwork and have your residency documents verified.

So that we can complete your enrolment promptly, please remember to bring all the information required in the ‘What Do I Need to Bring’ section below or hereFor 16 year old students the College will accept the evidence provided by your School of the Centre Assessed Grades you do not need to wait for the formal letter from the examination body. You will also need:

  • A pen
  • A face covering/mask as all students and visitors will be asked to wear one on site
  • A bottle of water if required
  • All documentation requested to complete your enrolment

In order to help the College maintain social distancing we are asking 16-18 students to attend with a maximum of one additional family member and adult students to where possible attend alone. Further information on health and safety arrangements can be found on the attached Covid-19 enrolment leaflet.



    If you would like to become a student you can apply online or drop in to the campus.


    It’s vital that you bring with you your ID and evidence of your exam results, along with details of any loans or financial assistance you’re applying for if applicable. If you do not bring these things we will need to rearrange your enrolment session so that you can provide them.

    Please do not bring children or other family members with you, unless you are 16-18-year olds and bringing a parent/carer with you, as we are limiting numbers on campus. If you need to bring children please bring another adult with you so they can wait with them in an alternative area. This is to enable us to maintain social distancing guidance. 

    There is no parking on Campus but you can park in the surrounding streets (charges may be payable). If you are using Public Transport, please check the TFL website to ensure you follow their guidance whilst travelling to and from the College. 

    ESOL learners: Only come to campus if you have an appointment. If you haven’t got an appointment yet, please don’t come to campus but instead complete an ESOL application form. Please visit our ESOL Enrolment Guide for further information.


    Before you can enrol you will need to complete an application form online. You will then receive an email confirming your application has been received and an invitation to the next available assessment date.

    On Assessment Day, you will be assessed in reading, writing, speaking and listening to establish your level. If we have an available place that matches your assessment level you will be invited to an enrolment session, which could be on the same day or at a later date.

    During your enrolment session, you will need to bring documents that prove you are eligible to study in the UK, for example, a passport or Home Office card. You will be advised what to bring if you are offered a place or contact us to find out more.

    We have a very high volume of applications. We invite applicants based on the date they apply. However, as some courses fill up very quickly and this can influence when you may be invited for an assessment. If you move or change your contact details after you apply please let us know so we can still invite you for the pre-course assessment.


    This will depend on your chosen course and whether you’ve already applied or completed pre-enrolment. However, you could be asked to:

    • Complete an application form or enrolment form
    • Interview with an academic tutor to check through your academic evidence and confirm the course you would like to enrol on
    • Processing by our Admissions team, including taking your photo for your College ID card

    You may also have:

    • English and maths assessments, if you are not able to provide evidence of your English and maths GCSE grades. These assessments are not exams, they’re just to check your current level to ensure we enrol you on the right course.
    • Discussion with our Additional Learning Support team if require
    • Fee assessment if required

    Our Guidance & Progression team, Apprenticeships team and Childcare Bursary advisors will also be available to give you support and advice.


    This will depend on if you have applied already or completed an online pre-enrolment or English and maths assessment. If not, you should expect to be with us for around two hours if you do not take taking an English or maths assessment. If you are taking an English or maths assessment, these will take an additional hour each.

    We will do all we can to make things run as smoothly and quickly as possible but please be patient it’s important we cover everything properly at enrolment in order to avoid issues later on.


    Your start date will depend on what you course you enrol on. However, all of our courses begin week commencing 7th September. You will be given your start date, along with your course timetable, at enrolment.


    To enrol, you will need to bring:

    • ID (passport or birth certificate) If none of these are available, please see below.
    • Exam result slips or qualification certificates
    • Enrolment letter and course offer if you have them
    • Record of achievement/progress file if you were at the College last year
    • Evidence of any loans you will be receiving, including the Student Loan and Advanced Learner Loan.
    StatusEvidence Required
    Born in the UK ONLY
    • UK Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    Naturalised UK Citizen
    • UK Passport
    An EU/EEA citizen
    • EU/EEA passport
    • EU/EEA ID card

    If you’re not an EU national:

    • Evidence of your right to live and study in the UK.

    If you are in receipt of benefits, then please bring the following: Your status will be assessed in line with the college’s fees policy and a fee remission may or may not be applied based on the evidence you supply

    • Evidence of benefits received in your household (e.g. official notification letter or bank statement dated within the last two months showing your current home address)
    • Your National Insurance number if you receive JSA or ESA (WRAG).
    Residency Status Evidence Required
    Husband/Wife/Civil Partner or Child with rights to live in the UK Passport, Travel Document OR Residence Permit of Learner AND Passport, Travel Document OR Residence Permit of Family Member
    Leave Outside of the rules Passport OR Residence Permit with Visa Status stating Leave Outside the Rules
    Join Family Member or EEA Family Member with Rights to live in the UK. Passport OR Residence Permit of Learner & Family Member Passport
    Discretionary/Exceptional/Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain. Passport OR Residence Permit
    Refugee Status. Travel Document OR Residence Permit
    Humanitarian Protection. Passport OR Residence Permit
    Asylum Seeker – in UK for 6 Months. NAS Card OR Residence Permit
    Refused Asylum Seeker with no Home Office Decision in 6 months. NAS Card OR Residence Permit AND Appeal Letter.


    If your Residency Status or Visa type is not listed here or if it expires before July 2021 or you are unable to provide a physical copy of the evidence listed, we will not be able to complete your enrolment at Lewisham or Southwark College.

    If you do not bring all the required information you may not be allowed to enrol and your place could be offered to someone else.

    Depending on the course you are applying for you may also be asked to bring additional items in to complete your enrolment, a list of which will be sent to you separately or given to you during the enrolment session.



    Our specialist Additional Learning Support teams will be on-hand to talk to you about any learning support you may need during your course.

    Our Lewisham Way campus is fully accessible. If you will need additional support during enrolment (such as a signer or speaking guide), please let us know in advance by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    For learners aged 16-18 our courses are free. If you want to apply for bursaries to cover costs related to attending College (such as free school meals and travel), you will be able to discuss this at enrolment in our Fee Assessment room.

    Fee assessment for adult learners:

    For adult learners (19+), you will be told how much you need to pay during your fee assessment at enrolment. You can pay your fees by cash, cheque and credit card, or set up a Direct Debit.

    If you have already arranged an Advanced Learner Loan or other financial support, you’ll need to bring evidence of this (an official letter showing your home address) with you to enrolment. If not, you will be able to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan at enrolment and we will take your application reference number as evidence of the loan, enabling us to enrol you. A direct debit will also be setup if loan approval is pending. Should you fail to receive loan approval by Friday 16th October 2020 payment will be due. Find out more about financial support for adult learners.

    Find out more about financial support for adult learners.

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The government is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to work with the WHO and international community. For staff and students it remains business as usual across our sites and our workplaces.

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