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Legal Professionals N.e.c.

Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of other professional legal occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 241: Legal Professionals.


  • Co-ordinates the activities of magistrates courts and advises magistrates on law and legal procedure
  • Provides legal advice to individuals within Citizens Advice, Law Centres and other such establishments
  • Drafts and negotiates contracts on behalf of employers
  • Advises employers, local and national government and other organisations on aspects of law and legislative implications of decisions made
  • Represents public and private organisations in court as necessary.

Entry Requirements

Entry to training usually requires a qualifying law degree or postgraduate diploma. Entrants then undertake a further year of academic training and then complete up to four years of assessed supervised experience in legal practice. Entrants may also require up to five years post qualifying experience in legal practice.

What could I earn?

Salaries for this occupation tend to start at £41,000 per annum and can progress up to £83,000 per annum.

Is it in growth or decline?

There are currently 5,834 employed Legal Professionals N.e.c. in the region.

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